Eribè Kinross Sweater Beltnae

1.599 kr.

Eribè Kinross Sweater Beltnae


Super skøn sweater fra Skotske Eribè, skønt farverigt mønster mix man kun kan blive glad af

100% blød merinould


Introducing the NEW KINROSS SWEATERS from Eribe!

New from Eribe, the Kinross sweater is a luxury addition to our much sought after Fairisle collection. Inspired by the natural beauty of Scottish landscape and traditional patterns from Shetland and Fair Isle, the Kinross sweater is made with premium ultra-soft superfine 100% merino wool that feels like cashmere, it is soft and lightweight. Crafted in Scotland by Eribe in their own factory and made with a Scottish spun fully traceable and guaranteed non-mulesed RWS Certified yarn, the Kinross is a pleasure to wear.

This garment is made with a luxury ultra-soft 100%merino wool yarn. When you first wear it, loose fibres near the surface can rub together during movement and form little balls of wool known as pilling or bobbling. The sweater comes with a sweater comb to help you to remove the little bobbles. After a couple first washes and removing the bobbles, the pilling will subside and eventually disappear.




ERIBÉ is considered a world-renowned expert in hand-knitting and we pride ourselves on preserving this traditional craft. As one of the largest hand-knitting companies in the UK and Europe, ERIBÉ isglobally celebrated for our wonderful hand-knit range. Throughout Scotland and the UK, our team of skilled and experienced hand-knitterslovingly craft each piece, making every ERIBÉ hand-knit truly unique. ERIBÉ have a dedicated team that look after our hand-knit design and production.The versatility of this technique allows our designers to be highly creative – our hand-knitters are known for their ability to rise to a challenge and they love to try new techniques

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